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Environmental Policy


SUNeVision Holdings Limited (SUNeVision) recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability as it is indispensable for achieving long-term business viability and the sustainable development of our community. In view of the above considerations, we are committed to protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development through running an environmentally friendly business. This policy outlines our approaches in fostering a positive impact on the environment.


SUNeVision Holdings Limited strives to limit the environmental impacts of our business activities, and we will:

  • Abide by all applicable environment-related laws and regulations;
  • Identify and measure environmental impacts that are related to the Group’s activities and impose corresponding solutions to minimize potential adverse effects;
  • Communicate the Group’s environmental policy and management strategies with the stakeholders;
  • Review and report our environmental performance on a regular basis;
  • Promote energy and resources efficiency by using environmentally friendly materials for building design, construction and maintenance;
  • Conserve natural resources and reduce waste by adopting the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Replace principles; and
  • Support environmental education program to raise employees’ environmental awareness.

Implementation & Review

The CEO will be responsible for the oversight of the implementation of this Policy. The Policy implementation progress and compliance status will be reported in our Environmental, Social and Governance Report annually. The CEO will conduct review of this Policy and update the content, if necessary, with support from the Internal Audit Department.