About Us


About Us

SUNeVision Holdings Ltd. ("SUNeVision") (SEHK: 1686), the technology arm of Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited ("SHKP") (SEHK: 0016 (HKD Counter) and 80016 (RMB Counter)), is the largest data centre provider in Hong Kong. We provide industry-leading carrier and cloud-neutral data centre services with Asia’s number one connectivity. We connect providers of telecommunications, cloud, ISP, CDN, OTT from local, mainland China and global with enterprises of different businesses on our Asia leading data centre ecosystem.


SUNeVision forms MEGA Campus by extending the connectivity edge from highly connected MEGA-i to other high-tier data centres, including MEGA Gateway, MEGA IDC, MEGA Plus and MEGA Two. Facilities on MEGA Campus are interconnected through a dedicated dark fibre network and around 15,000 cross-connects. Together with City PoPs of major submarine cables in our facilities, we enable our customers for direct connections to multi-cloud platforms and multi-cloud exchanges with the best connectivity in town. We are committed to supporting Hong Kong as a regional information hub and a strategic gateway to mainland China.


SUNeVision has harnessed the strengths of SHKP's principal technology assets, including iAdvantage, Super e-Technology and Super e-Network. iAdvantage is an industry leader in data centre services, with the best connectivity in town. Super e-Technology focuses on satellite distribution networks, fibre-optic cable and surveillance systems while Super e-Network specializes in intelligent-building networks.

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新意網將MEGA-i的高效能網絡連接能力擴展到其他高端數據中心,包括MEGA Gateway、MEGA IDC 、MEGA Plus和MEGA Two,形成MEGA Campus。 MEGA Campus內的數據中心通過專用的暗光纖和約15,000個交叉連接形成互聯,加上座落於園區內的海底光纖網絡接點,以無可比擬的網絡連接能力,為用戶提供多雲平台直連和雲間互聯服務。新意網致力於支持香港成為地區通訊樞紐和通往內地的戰略性門戶。


新意網結集新鴻基地產的主要科技優勢,其三項核心業務單位包括互聯優勢、新意網科技及Super e-Network。互聯優勢是領導市場的數據中心服務商,擁有本地最強的網絡連接能力;新意網科技致力於安裝及維護衛星系統、寬頻網絡和保安監察系統;而Super e-Network則致力於建設智能網絡。