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Community Investment Policy


SUNeVision Holdings Limited (SUNeVision) has a strong commitment to sustainable development. We target to integrate a balance between business earning while showing care to social and environmental needs. This policy outlines our commitments, approaches and implementations to ensure our skills and resources are strategically applied to projects, programmes and initiatives that have a positive impact on community development.


Guiding Principles

This Policy establishes a set of common guiding principles among all corporate subsidiaries to facilitate the strategic deployment of SUNeVision resources that contribute to the development of communities we serve. The Guiding Principles are listed below:

  • We support projects, programmes or initiatives that address the needs of the community and the natural environment;
  • We engage in partnerships with international, national, regional and/ local community organizations, non-governmental organizations, charities and/ business partners which shared common community objective(s);
  • We focus our support on projects, programmes or initiatives that offer the opportunity for our employees to be involved in the activities, get closer to the recipients and help generate greater social impact.

Focus Areas

Healthy Lifestyle

SUNeVision strives to improve the quality of life for the communities we serve by standing for initiatives that promote a positive lifestyle. This includes, but not be limited to, supporting online and/ physical sports events; encouraging our staff to participate in sports events; and/ donation to charitable sports foundations in cash or kind.

Empowering Future Generation with Creativity and Innovation

SUNeVision believes in investing in youth education and development to equip next-generation leaders with the creativity, knowledge and skills necessary to tackle future challenges. We support competitions, training, sharing, innovations and skills development initiatives that related to future generation.

Promoting Digital Awareness

SUNeVision dedicates to promote digital awareness and inclusion in the community. We focus on bridging the talent gap – accelerating the flow of talent into the industry and developing expertise and careers in the digital infrastructure industry.

Investing in the Environment

SUNeVision respects the environment. We promote efficient and smart use of energy and resources in daily operations, future business planning and/ youth education.

Implementation & Review

The CEO will be responsible for the oversight of the implementation of this Policy, with the assistance of Marketing Department who approves the amount of time and money contributed to community investment. The Policy implementation progress and compliance status will be reported in our Environmental, Social and Governance Report annually. The CEO will conduct review of this Policy and update the content if necessary with the assistance from internal Audit Department.